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Access Control
System Description

Integra-ACS is an efficient tool to ensure security of acompany during working hours that provides comfortableworking conditions for the staff and prevents unauthorizedentry into the building or specific rooms

The system serves for remote centralized surveillance, flexible access management, staff work time tracking, generation of detailed statistical reports and time sheets, passport scanning for issuance of passes, monitor non-cash transactions of staff.

Simultaneous control over hundreds of rooms
Registering information about all those entering and leaving the facility
Monitoring of system elements with issuance of warning messages via SMS; Email
Automated entry of visitor registration data (recognition of identification documents)
Restrictions on the access to facility rooms (on weekends; at specific time; to specific persons)
Simultaneous control over several user categories
Signal message generation at an attempt to damage reading units or in case of door and turnstile locking
Integration of equipment by different manufacturers into a single system
Use of different user authorization types in the System
Integration with staff record-keeping systems
Integration with payroll accounting systems
Integration with access systems to various facility resources
Management of catering and staff non-cash transactions using identity verification means available to the system
Report generation by number, date, time, direction, etc.
Assignment of access rights to the software users to various elements and parts of the database
Use of three-tier architecture with low requirements to channel speed (network), as well as technical characteristics of terminals
Generation of different types of reports on staff and visitor movement
Generation of reports on the System operator actions
Auto-configuration of the System
Automated staff record-keeping: user database management; editing the company structure; creating and keeping lists of staff working hours and access areas; work with access maps and keys
System Capabilities
Automated staff work time tracking

Registration of the time of arrival and departure of each employee and his premises at the facility allows you to keep an automated record of hours worked, overtime, delays, irregularities in the schedule, absence from the workplace, leaving the workplace ahead of time, etc. For each employee, personal visit control parameters are set, taking into account working hours, days off, holidays, sick leave.

Staff work time sheet

Maintenance of staff records with the issuance of the result in the form of a T-13 form, etc.

Sample Report

Editing user data

Information about the holder of the badge (passport data, position, photo, etc.), validity period and access rights are entered in the database of the system. For each user, different access conditions are defined, defining the totality of the premises and territories of the object, where access is permitted on the specified days and time of day).

Monitoring of equipment status

To monitor the status of devices in system access points in the software, each of the system devices is displayed in the main program window panel, which characterizes the device type and its current state.

Assignment of different access rights to the rooms

For each user or group of users, different access conditions are defined, which determine the totality of the premises and territories of the object, where access is permitted on the specified days and time of day. There are different time limits for different passes and for different directions of one passage.

Integration with video surveillance system

The installation of video cameras at checkpoints allows you to automatically save photos of all visitors.

As an additional measure of protection against the transfer of the identifier to another person, photographing the person who presented the identifier is used. In the event of an abnormal situation, photographs of the owners of the identified identifiers and photographs of the persons who presented them can be checked.

The development of face recognition technologies automates the process of comparing photos, which means it will increase the reliability and efficiency of the access control system.

Integration with the system of recognition of automobile numbers automates the access control at the enterprises, paid parking lots, garage complexes.

Automated staff work time tracking
Staff work time sheet
Editing user data
Monitoring of equipment status
Assignment of different access rights to the rooms
Integration with video surveillance system
Technical Characteristics
1 System operation available in online and offline mode;
2 Используемый тип интерфейсов связи: RS-485(19200 бит/с), Ethernet (10 Мбит/с);
3 Unlimited number of visitors;
4 Unlimited number of doors with access controllers;
5 Unlimited number of turnstiles in the System;
6 Automatic activation/deactivation of the security control in the security areas using centralized or local tactics;
7 Automated issuance and record-keeping of permanent, temporary and single-use passes; storage of information on their holders in the database;
8 Количество расписаний до 7.
Feedback on the System Use
Useful Documents
Описание терминала "ИНТЕГРА-ТЕРМО" (Размер 437.6 KB)
Система контроля и управления доступом "Интегра-СКД" (листовка) (Размер 805.7 KB)
Система контроля и управления доступом "Интегра-СКД" и "Интегра-Видео-РЛ" (презентация) (Размер 1.5 MB)
Описание - Система распознавания лиц на базе системы контроля доступа «Интегра-СКД» (Размер 648.2 KB)
Руководство пользователя - Система контроля и управления доступом "Интегра-СКД" (Размер 5.5 MB)
Руководство пользователя - Мониторинг рабочего времени (Размер 2.6 MB)
Руководство пользователя - Мониторинг рабочих станций (Размер 525.0 KB)
Руководство пользователя - Интегра-Столовая (Размер 1.4 MB)
Интеграция "Алкобарьер" и "Интегра-СКД" (Размер 630.9 KB)
«Access Control System»
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